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"Little Shop of Horrors" at Actor's Express
Actor's Express goes downtown to Skid Row with this twisty cult favorite about a nerdish flower shop worker, his unrequited love, a demented dentist and an insatiable blood-devouring plant. The musical ran off-Broadway for five years in the 1980s, was turned into a 1986 movie (with Ellen Greene as Audrey, reprising her off-Broadway turn) and revived on Broadway in 2003. You may know the tunes "Suddenly Seymour" and "Somewhere That's Green."
"Macbeth" at Serenbe Playhouse
Serenbe Playhouse puts its spin on Shakespeare's classic tragedy, offering a modern take on a war zone and setting it (outdoors, of course) in the forest against a waterfall. After receiving a prophecy that he'll become king of Scotland, Macbeth commits a heinous act fueled by his lust for power and his wife’s wicked influence. The general-turned-king is then crippled by guilt and paranoia. Note: Contains adult themes and violence.
"Robin Hood" at Serenbe Playhouse
Serenbe Playhouse takes to the skies (via zip lines) to tell the story of the renegade knight and outlaw devoted to Maid Marian and doing good deeds with his Merry Men. This family-friendly adaptation, by frequent Serenbe collaborator Rachel Teagle, includes original music by Grammy nominee John Burke and characters that fly through the forest redistributing wealth as they go. Serenbe, which does all its shows in the great outdoors, is in Chattahoochee Hills.
"The Classic Show" at Whole World Theatre
Whole World Improv Theatre calls its Classic Improv Show "Atlanta's antidepressant since 1994." It's 90 minutes of improv scenes and games all conjured up on the spot from audience suggestions, performed by members of the company's Mainstage Actors and hosted by by of one of its fiiiiiiiine emcees (their spelling). Join in the hilarity, at Whole World's Spring Street home, at 9 p.m. Friday and/or 8 p.m. Saturday.
"The Glass Menagerie" at Marietta’s New Theatre in the Square
Marietta's New Theatre in the Square takes on an American classic, arguably Tennessee Williams finest drama, in a staging of The Glass Menagerie. This memory play rests uneasy with the Wingfield family of St. Louis — Tom, who's grown, restless and wanting to escape; Laura, his physically and mentally fragile sister; and their mother, Amanda, a faded Southern belle scratching daily for dignity and direction. Laurette Taylor's Amanda, in the play's 1945 Broadway premiere, is the stuff of legend.
Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival
The second Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival will introduce three shows, one that eyeballs corrupt politicians (titled Cakewalk), another that flips an Ovid myth (In the Middle of the Ocean) and a third that digs into the biblical stories of Mary of Nazareth (Mother of God). All three feature 8 p.m. curtains at the fest's 2017 home base, Out Front Theatre on Brady Avenue in West Midtown.
Lips Atlanta
For the ultimate in drag dining — yes, you read that right — Lips Atlanta is the place to be. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, promotion or divorce, expect a rip-roaring time and a quality meal. Lips, located on Buford Highway, does its best to shock you into laughter and applause as Atlanta's top drag queens perform a full stage show, with disco lighting and a club sound system. Reviewers have called the drag-dining spot "Ken and Barbie's Dream House on acid."